Sunday, February 15, 2015

Bitter Cold? Forecast is Bright at Shul

As the temperatures drop to frigid lows, there seems to be no escape from Winter's tight hold.
For our beach community on the country's North East Coast, the warmer seasons are mere weeks away, yet feel a great distance off when you're chilled to the bone.  Hibernation is commonplace this time of year.  Many people fall prey to the...
cold's isolating effects.
Thankfully, synagogue life offers a warm refuge.  Gathering with friends and neighbors on Shabbos, inside our welcoming, tranquil and close-quartered space offers a warm, comforting haven for the soul. Communing with friends in prayer and soaking up the lessons of the weekly Parsha have the power to thaw frostbitten bodies and spirits.
If you've been absent or have taken a break from regular attendance, consider making the effort to revisit and reconnect.  Winter's wrath has met its match with the spiritual healing of Torah.

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